The Numbers Behind The West Highland Way FKT

To celebrate my West Highland Way Record Attempt film, in association with Wahoo and Santa Cruz Bicycles, breaking 100,000 views on Youtube, I thought I'd share a closer look at the data behind my ride with you. My Strava file has been public since the 3rd of December when the film was released, but I thought I'd delve deeper into the numbers. In this blog, I'll share my TrainingPeaks activity with you, as well as insight on the INSCYD test data on which I based my training and pacing strategy.

Ride Data

To get us started, let's have a look at the raw numbers from the ride. All of the data from the ride was recorded on my Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM, SRAM XX1 Eagle Quarq power meter, and Wahoo TICKR heart rate monitor.

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Elapsed Time: 9:14:32

Distance: 153.37km / 95.3 miles

Total Elevation Gain: 3,628m / 11,903ft

Max Elevation: 570m / 1870ft

Min Elevation: 24m / 79ft

Speed: 16.9kph / 10.5mph

Heart Rate: 148bpm avg / 179bpm max

Power: 165watts avg / 237watts Normalised Power / 877watts max

Cadence: 80rpm avg / 157rpm max

Temperature: 15°C avg / 4°C low / 30°C high

Work: 5909kJ

Calories: 5806kCal

TrainingPeaks Training Stress Score: 424