How To Win Glentress 7

This year I won the Solo and Overall race at Tweedlove's Glentress 7. I decided to race for two reasons. The first was so that I would be able to showcase just how awesome the new Santa Cruz Blur is. The second was to join the #WCCRiders I coach at a fun event for the first time in 2021.

I wasn't the only Wardell Cycle Coaching rider to win my category either, with Kat Simpson taking the win in the Under 35's Solo Women's race. Bobby Wright met his goal of Top 10 in the Solo Men's 30-39 category, Paulius Azulas (recovering from a broken wrist just a few months ago) finished 5th in the Solo Men's Under 30 category, and Maxine Yates finished 6th in the Mixed Pairs Under 80 (combined age) Category.

I've decided to share a few of the tips that helped these riders achieve their personal best results, and also the things which helped me win Glentress 7.

Be Prepared

This might sound ironic coming from the guy who got his bike the day before the race... However, you should feel like you are arriving on the start line with everything prepared and in control. This includes your physical and technical training, as well as preparing your equipment, clothing, spare parts, race plan, and fuelling strategy. When you arrive at the event you should feel like you are ready to race, confident in your game plan, and ready to execute that plan as well as possible.

Trust The Process

Before you race, you should have spent time working out what your plan, or process, is. A 7-hour long, mass start mountain bike race can present you with a lot of challenges. When you are on the start line it can be really helpful to have a few 'must-do's' in mind to help you keep a positive mindset.

The tricky part happens when the race starts, and you actually have to do the things you have planned. This can be really tough, especially when you are nervous, excited, or if there are variables that you didn't account for. For example, maybe the weather changes? Or the riders you view as a threat set off much faster than you anticipated? Maybe there is a rider who you don't know racing? This is where it's essential to stick to your game plan and trust the process. Be confident that through executing your strategy you will deliver your own personal best on that day.

Respect the Challenge