A Minute with Coach Conor Campbell

At the end of 2021, we welcomed Conor Campbell to the team of coaches at Wardell Cycle Coaching. It's important that as we grow as a cycling coaching provider we maintain the high standard of coaching that we are known for. Conor is a fully qualified coach from Northern Ireland, and he has decades of experience in cycle sport and the cycling industry. We thought it would be great to introduce Conor a little better, so grab a cuppa and spend a minute with Conor Campbell.

WCC: Welcome Conor! You’re well known at home in Ireland, but can you let everyone else around the world know a little more about you and your background as a cyclist and cycling coach?

Conor: I’ve been racing for almost 25 years, even though I didn’t start cycling until I was 18.

I fell in love with bike racing of all types and I often explore different disciplines, which has its pros and cons. I’ve won national medals in mountain bike cross country, cyclocross, downhill and enduro, and I've competed in some of the biggest road races in Ireland. I’ve always been passionate about coaching and performance and it's great to share my knowledge and experience with the cyclists I coach.

WCC: What do you hope to achieve as a coach?

Conor: I want to help cyclists of all abilities feel more confident and realise their potential. Personally, I have achieved success but I have also made many mistakes. I like to share my experience and guide people towards achieving their goals.

WCC: What is your favourite type of bike riding at the moment?

Conor: I’m doing a bit of everything as always but if I had to choose it would be big days, riding off-road with long climbs and technical descents.

WCC: Do you prefer riding on-road or off-road?

Conor: I enjoy both, but off-road is my favourite.